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Novation SL MkIII with Eurorack Modular Synths // Sequencer, keyboard & controller

  October 10, 2018  ~    25.18 MB
Novation SL MkIII with Eurorack Modular Synths // Sequencer, keyboard & controller




**TIMING INDEX / SECTIONS BELOW ** Thanks to Novation for inviting me down to check out the new SL MkIII alongside Loopop, Cuckoo, Rachel K Collier and Bo Beats for their private event in London a couple of weeks ago. After the event a shiny new SL MkIII was sent out and we were all left to make some content, anything we fancied, no influence from Novation. Naturally I chose to use the device with my Eurorack modular synthesizer and I wanted to present how it can be used as a duophonic sequencing, keyboard, controller, modulator and more. There's 7 CV/gate/clock connections on the back giving us plenty go get going. The real strength of the SL MkIII is in tying a studio together, with USB, DAW control, MIDI and CV. But you're not doubt here for the CV action so let's get stuck in!


00:00 Duophonic CV sequencing and modulation patch

01:04 Hello, welcome, patch previews of what's to come

01:55 What is the Novation SL MkIII and how I'll be using it.

02:53 Building CV sequences with pitch CV, gate, modulation CV (step or controller live recording), pattern chaining and more.

06:46 Sequenced Arpeggios - musical interlude.

07:03 Duophonic patterns, analog clocks and more! Making the most out of the SL MkIII sequencing and modulation kick, clap and hi hat beat as well as modulating feedback in FX chains and granular sampling (Nebulae v2).

11:59 Ambient patching - quick keyboard tinkle.

12:42 Using gate length to add musicality, expression and complexity to modular patching. This goes through gate length from short triggers to merging gates across multiple steps.

15:56 Pattern settings, start and end points, step length, sequencing clock rates.

17:33 Outro - more videos to come and more of my pretty baby face.

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